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SEKURI® Sticker fastener

Romacker GmbH is the producer of SEKURI® sticker fastener.

Sticker fasteners SEKURI®

Made of stainless steel for carrying stamping-, certification- and emission-test-stickers (according to §§ 23, 29, 47b as well as  appendix iX and iXa StVZO).

Different designs available: with two rivet holes ø 4.5 mm, alternatively with two additional lugs (ø 5.5 mm) in order to avoid twisting and shearing-off in the licence plate.

Semi-tubular rivets

According to DIN7338-B45.7-Cu, head ø 10x1 mm, with embossment, nickel-plated copper, packed at 1.000 pieces.

Each sticker fastener must be clamped with two semi-tubular rivets. The closing-heads of the rivets must lie in the sticker fastener

Sticker fasteners are available in specialist shops or can be ordered directly from us.

Feel free to send an enquiry to info@romacker-gmbh.de.


The following articles can be ordered:

Art.-Nr. Name of the item

Protecting ring S35, inside diameter (i.d.) 35 mm, with two rim holes ø 5.5mm


Protecting ring S45, i.d. 45 mm, with two rim holes ø 5,5 mm


Holding ring H35, i.d. 35 mm, without rim holes

745003 Holding ring H45, i.d. 45 mm, without rim holes

88005 Semi-tubular rivets DIN7338-B4x5.7-Cu-head ø 10x1 mm